These days, more and more CEO’s and business owners are beginning to see past the value of their employee’s performance at work. Due to studies on employee happiness and wellbeing now proving that this can improve output for a business. This internal strategy has now become more and more popular. So, if you’re on the lookout for a great idea for your employees then take a look at 6 of our fun, engaging and inspiring workplace wellbeing day ideas.  are paying attention to their health and wellbeing too.

  1. Yoga for your Workers Wellbeing

Relaxing, mindful, and a jolly good work out. Yoga promises to deliver wellbeing to your workers. Yoga focusses on breathing techniques, awakening the body with some complex and energising stretching and it also is very good for relaxing the mind. Yoga will put your workers in the right frame of mind it is an incredibly effective workplace wellbeing tool and it will prepare them for a productive and positive day. Breathing techniques lower the heart rate, blood pressure and ultimately stress levels. So giving your workers the yogi treatment for one month a day or maybe even more often, will get the best out of your employees.

  1.     Stress management 

Keeping up with the fast-paced atmosphere at any firm is enough to give even the most laid back worker headaches, anxiety and enhanced stress levels. Stress can be very detrimental to an employee’s performance, judgement, energy levels and overall health. There are more workers taking time off due to stress-related illnesses than ever before.

A stress management day is crucial in combatting this terrible mental toxic mindset. Allowing your employees to learn about stress management techniques, understand the triggers of stress and all in all overcoming stress in the workplace will enhance their performance and happiness.

  1.     Cooking lessons

If it is an excellent way for employees to bond, have fun and get creative, which is great for stimulating those happy brain receptors. Cooking classes are fun for everyone even for those that aren’t that good at it. Cooking classes will give your employees new skills, new confidence and learning, as we all know, is always a good thing for the brain.

Schedule a cooking class for your employees and yourself. Interact with them outside of the company, and get to know them more on a personal level as people.

  1.     Wellness Wednesdays

Turn “Hump Day” into “Health Day”! Start a new regime with your staff on this day and encourage your staff to take part in healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, and organisation sessions on this day. This will encourage your workers to plan ahead more carefully, boost their energy levels and improve their mindset with some excellent positive mental attitude exercises.

  1.     Meatless Mondays

Meat is not on the menu. Encourage your workers to skip eating meat for one day of the week and just see how this improves their energy levels and their mindset. By eating fresh fruit and vegetables you are increasing the levels of minerals, vitamins and fibre into your employee’s diet. Ultimately this will have a positive effect on the gut, the mind and the mindset of your workers. Meat-free Monday is definitely one to plan into your, not only will it help improve employee happiness and productivity but you are also, helping save the environment. Win, win!

  1.     Office Dinner Days

Scrap the naughty food, scrap the unhealthy snacks and pick a day to provide your staff with the healthiest foods and drink you can get your hands on. Giving your staff free healthy snacks, food and drinks, will not only give them a morale boost, but it’ll give them higher energy levels, which ultimately will boost their overall output for your business.

If you are interested in making a workplace wellbeing schedule then take these tips into your business and get those employees of yours active, eating healthily and progress their positive mindsets.

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